Bringing your brand to life through stunning digital display solutions.


Works undertaken include:


Education and Training Facilities
Sales Centre’s
Healthcare Facilities
Retail Facilities
Industrial and Warehouse Facilities
Facade Upgrades
Luxury Villas


The ability to affectively connect with your audience has always been key to success. From their application in business, education and the creative industries; digital displays and signage have proved to be a powerful tool in the bid to be heard.


Your message, product or artwork will come to life through one of our eye-catching digital solutions. Anything from a simple three screen video wall to a vast Interactive Digital Experience; including our in demand LED displays and LED video walls, can all be supplied and installed by our team of specialist technicians.  


Our commitment to innovation means we continuously research developments in the technology. We ensure your requirements are always matched to the most efficient, cost effective and tested solutions on the market.


Digital Signage Solutions

Captivate your audience with a compelling digital experience.
Transform any space into an engaging, informative and entertaining experience with Sharp's display wall systems. Our technology gives you the flexibility to integrate large-format, tiled display walls of any shape or size into your architectural design – producing stunning, dynamic visuals that express your message in innovative ways and captivate visitors the moment they enter your space.




Touch Screens
Touch screen signs can be applied to interactive building directories in corporate lobbies, malls, and point-of-purchase displays as a means of distributing relevant information. Choosing the right digital display and digital signage software application is crucial in deploying the right solution for your interactive touch screen. Touch screens are excellent tools, giving customers and patrons the ability to control display content that is relevant to them. Schedule your touch screen content for playback on interactive maps, POS systems, touch screen digital menu boards or even interactive displays in a corporate lobby. LCD display touch screens give patrons the ability to have limited control of the digital content you wish to feed them. Contact Us today for a free demonstration and quote.

Video Walls
A video wall consists of multiple computer monitors, video projectors, or television sets tiled together contiguously or overlapped in order to form one large screen. Video Walls (also known as Video Tiles) are fully supported within the iSignage platform.